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In sports, teamwork is super important. Synergy is when the team works together really well, combining their skills and efforts to reach their goals. When players move together, talk to each other, and help out where needed, they create a strong bond that helps them handle tough situations and perform at their best, even when things get stressful.

Good sports leaders know how crucial teamwork is. They encourage everyone to work together, supporting each other and trusting each other. By promoting teamwork, these leaders make sure everyone feels united, which builds trust and friendship among team members. When athletes collaborate and help each other out, they can achieve amazing things they couldn't do alone.

In competitions, teams with strong teamwork show impressive resilience. They adapt quickly to changes, stay calm when things go wrong, and draw strength from sticking together. Whether it's on the field, court, or track, the teamwork they've built helps them overcome challenges and come out on top.

So, in sports, synergy isn't just a fancy idea—it's what helps teams become champions. It's all about working together, supporting each other, and achieving greatness as a team.

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