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EX6EED SPORTS RESILIENCE Academy leverages Energy Leadership Principles to educate top performers (Athletes, Coaches, Parents) and sports Organizations on the third pillar of success in sports, which is ENERGY.

EX6EED Elite RESILIENCE Mental Training programs employs straightforward strategies to assist Top Performers and Sports Clubs in cultivating the mental RESILIENCE required for excellence both within and beyond the sports arena. It aims to foster an anabolic environment that supports growth.

energy leadership principles

More than a hundred years ago, Albert Einstein, passionately presenting the idea  that everything we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is not  matter, but energy…

Our THOUGHTS create ENERGY, and depending on the type of  THOUGHTS we have, we can create ANABOLIC (healing, constructive ENERGY) or CATABOLIC (draining, destructive ENERGY).

Strong ANABOLIC ENERGY builds strong MENTAL RESILIENCE, which is the most important of the 3 pillars of success in Sports.

EX6EED use simple strategies to uncover the ENERGY BLOCKS that are responsible for the CATABOLIC thoughts and help TOP PERFORMERS to build their ability to choose their thoughts, and build the MENTAL RESILIENCE which is essential for their success. 

ENERGY attracts like ENERGY & RESILIENCE attracts SUCCESS!

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energy leadership index assessment (e.l.i)

What is the E.L.I assessment? The Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) is an attitudinal assessment (rather than a personality-based one) that helps you as a Top Performer to see your filters, and understand the energy you’re experiencing and expressing. This insight allows you to show up in a new, transformative way that boost your performance and strengthen your RESILIENCE.

EX6EED Elite RESILIENCE Mental Training programs use Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment results as an indicator for the level of RESILIENCE of the Athletes and by building on that, it boosts their level of RESILIENCE.

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SPORT ORGANIZATIONS need to establish and sustain a nurturing, anabolic environment that supports the growth and development of their athletes. This should be an inclusive space with well-defined values, vision, and mission, where Athletes, Coaches, and Parents feel safe, respected, and appreciated. Such an environment is crucial for the success of the club.

EX6EED assists SPORT ORGANIZATIONS in cultivating and maintaining a growth-oriented, anabolic environment that fosters success. Our ELITE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMS, founded on the ENERGY LEADERSHIP principles, employ straightforward strategies to aid SPORT ORGANIZATIONS in creating an environment that attracts long-term success.

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Top-performing Athletes who aspire to excel must efficiently harness their skills and knowledge of the sport they play.

EX6EED Elite RESILIENCE Mental Training programs, assists them in cultivating the mental RESILIENCE required to persevere and conquer any obstacles that may obstruct their path.

The primary competitor for top performers is themselves, and our training programs provide all the essential tools and strategies to assist them in surpassing their own limitations and discovering their true potential!

Soccer Practice




EX6EED SPORTS RESILIENCE Academy assists top-performing Coaches with a growth mindset, enabling them to comprehend the ENERGY of their athletes and offer enhanced mental support.


training programs offers straightforward strategies and tools for Coaches to apply emotional intelligence, thereby elevating their level of engagement with their athletes.

The greater the level of engagement among their athletes, the more profound their mental RESILIENCE during the season, resulting in improved performance outcomes!

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Parents wield the greatest influence over the mental RESILIENCE of Athletes. Athletes spend only a few hours each week with their Coaches, but they share their daily lives with their Parents.


training programs offers straightforward

strategies for parents with a growth mindset to provide the best possible support for the mental development of their children.

We assists Parents in comprehending how they can contribute to the creation of a nurturing and anabolic team environment.

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