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team bonding sessions

Energy attracts like energy, and the team's bonding sessions have been designed to elevate the team's energy at the beginning of the new competitive season. During these sessions, we use interactive games to give athletes, coaches, and parents the opportunity to experience the journey of mental RESILIENCE, which they will need to build in order to support the team's success. Our narrative includes personal RESILIENCE stories, and we connect them with the foundational principles of mental resilience to motivate and inspire the participants.

Throughout the session, we guide the participants on:

  1. The energy levels we have experienced inside & outside the field

  2. The energy blocks that hold us back.

  3. The beauty of becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.

  4. The "secret" to creating miracles both inside and outside the field.

  5. The power of a nurturing and anabolic team environment.

  6. The habits of RESILIENCE.

We conclude the session by engaging in an emotional game with the athletes and helping them transition from "I AM..." to "WE ARE!"


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