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elite resilience training 

Helping Youth Top Performing Athletes apply RESILIENCE and find their potential! 

We Build Life CHAMPIONS!

There are 3 pillars for success in SPORTS.


The ENERGY that athletes bring to the sport fields every day acts as an elevator for their SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE and helps build their level of RESILIENCE. 

RESILIENCE is a common trait among top performers in all sports and serves as the foundation of their success.


why resilience?

What is RESILIENCE? "Resilience is the ability to withstand pressures and adversity, maintaining performance and well-being through difficult situations."

Why RESILIENCE is important in sports? "Resilient athletes have a challenge mindset. This means they face challenges positively and believe they have the resources to overcome them."

How important is Team environment on building RESILIENCE? "....for a challenge mindset to work best, we need to create an environment that facilitates athlete resilience. It’s not all about testing athletes’ ability to withstand pressure, it’s also important to find and create an environment in which they can thrive. The best environment for resilience is one that is high in both challenge and support. Coaches can create this by maintaining high expectations of athletes’ abilities and performance, while also providing support. It’s a recipe for high athlete performance and well-being."

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Be the game!

Be the GAME!

Tactical, Technical, and Physical training are essential for athletes to learn to play the game and develop the skills they need to become Top Performers.


EX6EED Elite Mental RESILIENCE training program works with athletes to develop the mental skills they need to Become the GAME:

  1. Perseverance in the face of challenges

  2. Comfort with the uncomfortable

  3. A growth mindset

  4. A desire for the impossible

  5. A passion for excellence

  6. Fearlessness


build team resilience

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Soccer Practice




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The level of RESILIENCE in every sports club or team depends on that of their Athletes, Coaches and Parents.

EX6EED SPORTS RESILIENCE Academy offers programs that help Athletes develop the RESILIENCE they need to excel as TOP PERFORMERS and that help Coaches & Parents to learn how to build an environment that will support RESILIENCE for the Athletes.


What you will learn?


  • Choose Your Thoughts: You will cultivate the ability to discern the energy behind your thoughts and select those that bolster your performance.

  • Uncover Energy Blocks: You will acquire the skills to identify the energy blocks that impede your progress, and you will learn strategies to break through these obstacles to reach your full potential.

  • Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone: You will develop the capacity to embrace discomfort and foster a growth mindset that propels your performance to new heights.

  • Create Miracles: You will discover how to enhance your focus and manifest remarkable outcomes both on and off the field.

  • Top Perform Under Pressure: You will gain the skill to utilize pressure as a tool for success, understanding why it's said that "Pressure creates diamonds!"

  • Best Pre-Game/Event Preparation: You will learn how to optimize your preparation before a game or event by comprehending the six factors that influence your performance


  • Understand The Energy: You will be able to understand the ENERGY behind the thoughts that drive the decisions of your athletes and help them choose those ones that will excel their game.

  • Release the Energy: You will build the ability to help your athletes uncover their ENERGY blocks and release the ENERGY they need to boost their performance.

  • Team Values System: You will learn how to develop a values system for your team and how to create a strong "WHY?" to strengthen athletes' engagement.

  • Team Environment: You will understand what it takes to create a nurturing, anabolic team environment that will drive success.

  • Top Perform Under Pressure: You will learn how to use the pressure equation to help your athletes perform at their best under pressure.

  • Emotional Intelligence: You will learn the principles of Emotional Intelligence and how to apply them in your coaching practice.


  • Boost Self-Esteem: You will learn how to best support your child's self-esteem, which is perhaps the most crucial factor in building mental RESILIENCE. 

  • Stress Reactions: You will develop the ability to help your top-performing child uncover the energetic blocks that trigger their stress reactions both on and off the field.

  • Pre-Game Support: You will learn simple strategies and tools to bolster your top-performing child's mental resilience before a game or event.

  • Team Environment: You will understand the importance of nurturing an anabolic team environment as a success factor for the team and how you can contribute to it.

  • Mental Support During Injuries: Injuries create high pressure for top-performing athletes. You will learn simple strategies to support your child during these high-pressure periods.

  • Supporting Low-Performance Moments: You will learn simple strategies to provide mental support for your top-performing child after moments of low performance.


Marco Reda

Head of O.P.D.L Male Programming

Woodbridge Soccer Club would like to thank Stratos Kalpakidis for the motivational/team bonding workshops he conducted for our OPDL teams.

The comment below is a from a parent,

who summed our experience with the workshop:

“Thank you for organizing last night’s presentation and thank you to the gentleman who led the meeting. There was a lot of great information and stories that were shared. I hope the boys find this information useful for their future.

A few points from last night really stood out to me:

1. Success is built on knowledge, skills and attitude.

2. Discipline is the key driver on the road to success.

3. I’m paraphrasing; one can/will always find the right voice/teacher to offer advice and encouragement on your journey. “

Chris Shelton

Head Coach OPDL U10 Boys Team

It was a great pleasure having Stratos join our U13 OPDL group to kick off the outdoor season.  His workshop provided each player with a certain level of confidence and understanding to what it takes to achieve success. It was great seeing the team bonding. 

RUSH Canada.jpg

Coach Ivan Juric  RUSH Canada

"On behalf of everyone at Rush Canada Soccer Academy, I would like to thank Stratos for a wonderful online workshop. Stratos successfully delivered his online workshop "Resilience, we bend, but we don't break!" with well over one hundred of our youth members. The timing of his presentation was amazing since many of our youth athletes are dealing with the challenges of COVID-19. He went over the challenges he had to overcome and how they shaped his life and then he tactfully introduced the players to different aspects of mental health and mental training and what they could and should be doing during the pandemic. His workshop included many different activities to engage the players during the presentation. Thank you Stratos for a much needed workshop!"


Kevin Smith

"The seminar that Stratos lead our Marathon Dynamics runners through on "Mental and Emotional Heath" was truly exceptional, and came at a time when we most needed it, amidst the prolonged stress of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Joey Lombardi

(Former Technical Director BRAMPTON Soccer Club )

“Stratos is very knowledgeable, experienced and understands the mindset for high performance.  I highly recommend his platform as it will help coaches develop the tools to enhance the mental performance of players when under pressure and adversity.  Our club has consulted Stratos to support our club framework and I was very impressed with his holistic perspective on athlete development – Great person and check out his platform”

Paul Okumu

(Former Head Coach BRAMPTON SC U15 Girls OPDL team)

"I truly believe in the work that Stratos and his team are doing in regards to Mental focus and thinking positively in order to achieve your goals. Even during this pandemic, our zoom meeting with Stratos has been able to help curb thinking of players and coaches alike"

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