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Ten (10) Great Messages for Top Performers

#1 'The difference between a winner and a loser, is that the winner tried one more time!'

#2 'This is the power of the Team. To support each other and not to compare yourselves with your Teammates!'

#3 'Stay focus on your small goals, and as long as you will dominate yourselves, then you will be able to dominate your opponents as well!'

#4 'It is not the obstacles that count in life. It is your reaction to the obstacles that will make the difference in your lives!'

#5 'Instead of focusing why you didn't play today, focus how you can play in the next game...The next day is always more important than the previous one!'

#6 'Longevity and their ability to control their emotions and themselves, is a common area for all great athletes from all sports!'

#7 'Playing sports in high level is great, but it should be the second most important thing in your lives after your education!'

#8 'Like I have my Teacher in school, my Coach is the only one Teacher inside the field and he is the only voice that I listen!'

#9 'In general look at your fears like illusions... you know that they are there, but I have the power to overcome my fears!'

#10 'My definition of success, is to be able to sleep in the nights without having any regrets for your choices and to know that you played full out in everything you did!'

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