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Today's Words of RESILIENCE 💪⚽️🏀🏒🏈⚾️🏃‍♂️🏊‍♂️

Performance = Talent x Effort²

Every performance is also a practice for the next performance, so give them all 100% effort.


The formula for success is elegantly expressed as Performance = Talent x Effort². It emphasizes that while talent is a crucial factor, the square of effort plays an even more significant role in determining one's performance.

Consider every performance as not just a display of your skills but as a valuable practice for the next opportunity. Pouring 100% effort into each endeavor ensures continuous growth and improvement.

Remember, EFFORT is the catalyst that propels your journey toward success. It's not just about the current performance; it's about building a foundation for future achievements. Embrace the equation, and you'll find that consistent and dedicated EFFORT enhances RESILIENCE, making you better prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead.

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